We are currently working on a new super awesome platform that will revolutionise healthcare.



Our innovative technology “Nurz” empowers patients to live healthier lives and augments physicians by making the power of deep learning technology accessible via a platform model. Nurz simplifies and automates many tasks and provides the capability for managing the end-to-end workflow in one place. Nurz also provides an easier transition to running these models in live production environments while seamlessly transitioning between software and hardware to deliver a holistic solution to healthcare globally.


Every year, 8.6 million preventable deaths are amenable to healthcare globally, out of which 6 million are directly linked to low-quality healthcare - a bigger killer than insufficient access to treatment. In the UK, the latest NHS figures show approximately 23% of all deaths in the UK were considered avoidable by the NHS and sadly, in children and young people that figure was 34%.


At Nurz, our goal is to transform the way we think about and administer healthcare to eradicate preventable errors and premature deaths.


Come, join the war on disease and premature deaths!

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